Space, the Final Frontier

How to Create Great Extra Space

By: Michelle Laurie 

With house prices in the Bay Area skyrocketing, space may very well be the final frontier. When space is at a premium, maximizing what you already have just might be the answer.

At Mahoney Architects, we have many clients who are looking to maximize all types of spaces for a variety of reasons. Such as a young family who need an extra room for visiting in-laws.  Multigenerational housing, a trend that comes in and out of fashion for urban homes, is on the rise. As parents of baby boomers ages, many families choose to move in together to avoid the cost of  long-term care facilities.

Create a Whole New Space

In Colleen’s estimation, having a full second unit is worth the cost. “As people are aging in place, having in-home care becomes important, whether those caregivers are immediate family members, or paid professionals.” It makes sense to maximize the existing space you do have, and continue to live in the neighborhood you know and love.

Adding a fully functioning kitchen means homeowners should consult the local planning department.

If a full second unit has the potential to be rented out, some jurisdictions require special permits, separate electrical meters, sewer connections or an additional parking space.

It pays to have an architect who can think through the best way to maximize your existing space.

The Window Seat

Our Infamous Window Seat Featured on Houzzz! (again)

Click on the link below for a great article on Houzz featuring one of our  window seats with an unbeatable view of the Golden Gate.