Love Where You Live

Most architects are justifiably proud of the beautiful spaces they create. But, here at Mahoney Architects & Interiors, we’re most proud of how the spaces we design make people feel. So, along with all of our great-looking project photos, we encourage you to hear what our clients have to say about their new homes. Because that’s what matters most to us.

Every time you walk in the door. Kick back after the kids are down. Sip coffee in the morning’s first light. Our job is to help create the home your family has always wanted. And if we’ve done our job, you never stop appreciating it.

Making Families Feel At Home

It’s been called a dance. That intricate, exciting, sometimes overwhelming process of home design and construction. And while, we agree, it does require a sense of choreography, here at Mahoney Architects & Interiors we also believe that the whole experience can and should be fun. Which is why we strive to make you as comfortable with the process as you are in your newly remodeled home. To get there, there are certain things we do really well.

  • Attention – It’s simple. The better we listen, the more you’ll love your new space.
  • Creativity – We know what’s worked for families and we’re not shy with recommendations.
  • Visualization – We have the latest rendering tools, and we still draw. So even small projects get shown.
  • Guidance – Yes, there are lots of decisions. So we’ll always give you lots of good recommendations.
  • Support – Part of architecture is client advocacy. Our experience and relationships helps a lot here.


“Designing for sustainable living is inherent in everything we do. As recognized pioneers in green design we’ve helped develop innovative organizations to promote sustainable design, published articles, and designed some of the Bay Area’s most acclaimed eco-friendly spaces.”

Of course, every member of our team is credentialed as a Certified Green Building Professional. Colleen has gone through the rigorous training to become a Green Point Rater through Build It Green.Our approach to green design focuses on three areas:

  • Good For You – Materials are selected so your space is healthy and family-safe.
  • Good For The Earth – Creating environments that minimize impact on our local and global environment.
  • Good Value – We find eco-friendly solutions that help increase energy efficiency and good health.